Renovation & Repositioning

Furuya & Corgiat

Pioneer Square

Winner of the "Best Rehabilitation Project" at the Historic Seattle Preservation Awards 2010

The Furuya Building and Corgiat Building were combined to create a single development in Pioneer Square. The Furuya Buidling was originally constructed for the Snoqualmie Power Falls Co. as a two story structure. Five years later it was increased to five stories and converted into a bank and office building. In the 1940s the top two floors were removed after an earthquake. The Pacific Commercial Development's goal for this project was to add two stories back, while seismically upgrading and providing new infrastructure. The fourth and fifth floor facades were replicated based on old photographs and existing materials. New existing facilities and a new elevator were included in the renovation. Today the building stands at its full height, as it did 100 years ago, on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Main Street in Pioneer Square. The structure is registered with the National Register of Historic Places.

Photography by Aaron Leitz