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Gravity Award: 2018 INAwards People's Choice

United in Values

Gravity Payments’ new office won the People's Choice Award at the 2018 InAwards. We recently wrapped up this two-floor 21,855 square-foot office space right in the heart of Ballard. The new office is twice the size of Gravity Payments’ previous space. 

In planning this design it was clear that the people of Gravity Payments – their 100+ employees and their 18,000 small-business-owning clients – would be the main focus. The meeting spaces, all located on the second floor, give a nod to “Main Street, U.S.A.” with signage and interiors modeled after independently owned mom ‘n’ pop shops. A large café space features an all-hands amenity space to reinforce the connection between Gravity Payments’ clients and the enthusiastic, relatable employees that partner with them.

The client had extensive involvement in every phase of this project, resulting in a multitude of details that reflect the company’s core values.