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5th Avenue Theatre Media Mention: Broadway World

The NEXT Stage

We have had the pleasure of working with one of Seattle’s most historic and unique performing arts theaters, the 5th Avenue Theatre over the past few years. Our completed first phase of this project was centered on improving the overall patron experience and updating some of the century-old theatre’s infrastructure. As of late the theatre has seen an increasing amount of audience members and visitors. The project is aimed at relieving the resulting congestion before, during, and after performances and making the experience more comfortable for patrons. 

To honor the theatre’s original design, which is based on several iconic monuments in Chinese architecture, our updates to the theatre follow a Chinese garden motif. Theatre patrons can look forward to updates such as a new digital sound system, the renovation of existing restrooms and new carpets in the lobby. 

To hear what our friends at the 5th Avenue Theatre have to say, check out the full article online.